Welcome to the University of Georgia’s New Horizons Computer Learning Center training portal.

This dedicated UGA portal provides a list of available, scheduled and discounted courses for any Faculty and Staff at UGA.

When interested in a course, click on the date on the outline page and complete the form to have this class sent to our New Horizons CLC representative who will then provide a quote, with respective details, to be emailed to the requestor.

If you are looking to schedule a course on premise, please contact our New Horizons CLC representative by clicking the Request a Private Class button.

Two Delivery Methods

Live instructor in the classroom

Classroom Learning students have their own networked environments, which enable instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment.

Live instructor online

This innovative program provides students with all the benefits of being in a dynamic interactive learning environment — while enabling students to study from work, home, or from a New Horizons center.

Getting Started:

Click the “Course Search” button at the top left under “Welcome” button.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Metz, jametz@nhgeorgia.com.